Central College News

For Central College Community Members

  • Have you been contacted by a reporter?
  • Do you have a story idea?
  • Do you want an audience at your event?
  • Do you have expertise in a hot topic?

Central Communications is charged with enhancing Central College’s marketing and communications initiatives and to increasing awareness of the college’s excellence. In that vein, the team strives to be Central’s news and information resource for local, regional and national media outlets.

For Media Relations Services Contact

Steffanie Bonnstetter

Director of Communications and Marketing

Jeanette Budding

Content Specialist – Editorial

Services Include:

  • Writing and distributing press releases and social media content about Central’s people, events, programs and activities.
  • Coordination of interviews and media visits for faculty, students and staff.
  • Publicity for key college events, speakers, activities, awards, honors and achievements.
  • Assistance with opinion/editorial writing, talking points and story pitches.
  • Management of crisis communications and media responses.
  • Management of the hometown news program, which enables the college to send news about graduation, achievements, performances and honors to students’ hometown publications .

What to Do When a Reporter Calls

While most media will coordinate interviews through Central Communications, some members of the media may contact faculty, staff and students directly. The communications team is available to assist with those requests so that we may facilitate the process and support Central’s mission and brand. We strongly encourage the college community to bring media calls to our attention.

The team in Central Communications looks forward to close collaboration with all individuals on campus to enhance Central’s reputation and broaden the public’s awareness of this fantastic place, its mission, its people and its impact on the world.

Contact the Communications Office! We’ll help you:

  • Determine the best way to publicize your information on and off campus. We have a robust online database that allows us to customize distribution to news organizations likely to be most interested in your news.
  • Anticipate media questions and avoid media interview pitfalls (our interview guidelines page will get you started).
  • Facilitate interviews and ensure journalists comply with college policies regarding campus access, privacy, and photography, filming and recording.

Call us three to four weeks in advance of your event—any later often is too late to get on media schedules. Earlier is better!

Interview Guidelines


Know why you’re being interviewed.

  • If the reporter doesn’t tell you, ask.

Develop your message.

  • Consider the points you want to make and take notes you can refer to during the interview.
  • Don’t write out your answers verbatim—you’ll sound stiff.

Keep it simple.

  • Avoid jargon.
  • Describe your subject as you would to a family member, not a colleague.
  • Use examples, student stories and analogies when helpful.

Anticipate questions.

  • Be prepared to answer them.


Stick to your points.

  • Repeat and clarify them as necessary.
  • If you’re asked something you don’t know, say so.
  • If you know someone who can answer the question, offer a referral.

Be yourself.

  • Let your enthusiasm for your subject show.

Thank the interviewer.

  • Offer to answer any additional questions they may have later. 


Follow up.

  • If the reporter requested information you didn’t have on hand, send it later.

Read the article or watch or listen to the coverage.

  • Expect a reporter to paraphrase much of your information and select a few of your pithy quotes to use verbatim.
  • Seeing how your information was used will help you prepare for future interviews.