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Central’s Student Development Office Announces Annual Student Awards

Featured: Central’s Student Development Office Announces Annual Student Awards

May 10, 2024

Central College’s Student Development office released the 2024 student leadership awards. This year 95 nominations were received from students, staff and faculty. A panel of faculty and staff reviewed the nominations and selected awardees.

Central recognized outstanding students and groups during the annual leadership awards program.

  • Bridge Builder Award: Scott Martin, Class of 2024
  • Diversity & Inclusion Award: Central Asian Pacific Islander Club
  • Organizational Excellence Award: Kinesiology Club, Becca Vala, Class of 2025
  • Organizational Excellence Award: Student Against Sexual Assault, Gabby Petruzzello, Class 2024
  • Outstanding Event Award: Central Activities Board’s Bouquet Making
  • Outstanding New Leader Award: Summer Chambers, Class of 2027
  • Outstanding New Leader Award: Kylie Carstens, Class of 2026
  • Outstanding New Leader Award: Zac Fillmore, Class of 2025
  • Senior Student Development Award: Noah Fischer, Class of 2024
  • Service Award: Common Ground
  • Student Organization Advisor of the Year: Shelley Bradfield, associate professor of communication studies and advisor to Students Against Sexual Assault
  • Unsung Hero Award: Fynn Wadsworth, Class of 2025, and Grae Digmann-Pearson, Class of 2024

Central also honored the 2024 National Society of Leadership and Success inductees:

Mami Salima, Class of 2024; Madison Glick, Class of 2025; Abigail Johnson, Class of 2025; Dade Altman, Class of 2026; Alysa Arthur, Class of 2026; Rachel Barton, Class of 2026; Elijah Belzer, Class of 2026; Madison Craig, Class of 2026; Andrea Dvorak, Class of 2026; Kalvin Erickson, Class of 2026; William Flug, Class of 2026; Sophia Fritz, Class of 2026; Chase Grandia, Class of 2026; Kaylee Grant, Class of 2026; Ashli Harn, Class of 2026; Katelyn Hofmaster, Class of 2026; Kevin Hogan, Class of 2026; Leah Howard, Class of 2026; Grant Kruse, Class of 2026; Holly Mattes, Class of 2026; Annaliese Miller, Class of 2026; Grant Morgan, Class of 2026; Prashanthi Naidoo, Class of 2026; Pril Heartfell, Class of 2026; Avery Rexroat, Class of 2026; Breyton Schwenker, Class of 2026; Jaycee Shaver, Class of 2026; Averi Shride, Class of 2026; Nathan Smith, Class of 2026; Esveidy Soto-Soto, Class of 2026; Cole Steege, Class of 2026; Matthew Steffensmeier, Class of 2026; Ethan Thomas, Class of 2026; Austin Totty, Class of 2026; Ronald Wilcox, Class of 2026; Zachary Zmudzinski, Class of 2026.

Photo caption:

2024 Central Student Leadership Award recipients, from top left: Grant Morgan ’26, Tyler Fitzpatrick ’24, Cora Whitenack ’27, David Pavlat, associate professor of kinesiology, Becca Vala ’25, Summer Chambers ’27, Alyson Tenney ’25, Gabby Petruzzello ’24, Kylie Carstens ’26.

From left seated: Noah Fischer ’24, Abby Westercamp ’25, Erin Dederich ’25, Shelley Bradfield, associate professor of communication studies and advisor to Students Against Sexual Assault, Grae Digmann-Pearson ’24, Fynn Wadsworth ’25.