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Central College Adds Bachelor of Science Option in Chemistry and Biochemistry

Featured: Central College Adds Bachelor of Science Option in Chemistry and Biochemistry

September 21, 2022

Central College has added a new academic degree to the chemistry program beginning the Fall 2022 semester: a Bachelor of Science degree.

A B.S. in chemistry and a B.S. biochemistry have curriculum certified by the American Chemical Society. The B.S. degree, which includes a substantive research or internship component, supports students looking for rigorous study of chemistry and biochemistry in preparation for a career in industry or who are looking to enter graduate school. The degree ensures that students are prepared for rewarding careers as chemists in a range of industries, including pharmaceutical, biotech, environmental, manufacturing or other allied fields.

James Shriver, professor of chemistry, explains, “The B.S. degree directs students toward additional courses in the sciences broadly, including options in physics, engineering and mathematics in support of their career goals. Students are also required to take on an intensive capstone project that can be research or problem-solving focused.”

Comparing the B.S. degree to the B.A., Shriver shares, “The B.A. degree allows for students to focus on other areas in the liberal arts with more intensity, including picking up a minor or second major. For example, pre-health students can take courses in the social sciences, biological sciences or humanities to support their interests.”

“Like other majors at Central, you can still complete the B.S. program in four years,” Shriver says. “Nearly every student looking toward the B.S. degree will engage in an undergraduate research experience over multiple semesters and have the opportunity to present their work to a larger audience.”

The chemistry program at Central offers a strong foundation in concepts, coursework and laboratory skills in organic, analytical, inorganic, physical and biochemistry. The program also offers students flexible course options to incorporate off-campus experiences, research and other liberal arts interests during their four years on campus.