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Diary of a Transfer Student

Featured: Diary of a Transfer Student

April 1, 2022

By Hailey Swan ’23

When I decided to transfer to Central, I never dreamed that my experience would be the adventure it has come to be. Being a communication studies major, I love to write and document my daily life. So, here is my story of how I transitioned from community college to Central.

April 20, 2021

It’s been almost a year since graduating from Indian Hills. I have been working as a teller at a local bank in my hometown since graduation. What I’ve recently discovered about myself though, is that I don’t want to stop learning! There are still many hopes and aspirations I have for the future, and one of those aspirations includes majoring in communication studies somewhere. There are so many four-year colleges to choose from, so where do I begin?

Earlier tonight, I was talking to Mom about my predicament. I told her, “I know I want to continue my education, and I don’t want to stop learning, but where would I go?” Her response went something like: “You love the Pella area, so why not check out Central?” And I replied, “Mom, you’re a genius!” Central hasn’t been on my radar since high school, but I’ve always loved visiting the vibrant town of Pella. So hey, why not? I think I might just schedule a visit.

Hailey Swan ’23 posing with the Central College sign

April 28, 2021

If I could describe today in one word, it would be … wow! Today I visited Central, and it was a visit I’ll never forget. As soon as I arrived for my visit, I was greeted with so many friendly smiles. Taking a tour of campus, I fell in love with all the greenery and beautiful structures. The tulips were everywhere, and they were so colorful. They really brought campus to life!

After my campus tour, I met with a professor from the communication studies department: Linda Laine. Her enthusiasm for the college and the department further sparked my interest in pursuing a major in communication studies. I can’t wait to take her courses — they sound riveting!

After touring more of the campus, my tour guides were so helpful in answering the many questions I had about activities, clubs and events on campus. They also made great suggestions about cool spots to check out around Pella.

After visiting and thinking about it on the drive back home, there is no doubt that this college is one that I want to attend. I’m planning on starting the application process soon!!

Hailey Swan ’23 and a friend visiting the Central College Spirit Shoppe

May 18, 2021

Today I received quite an exciting email … I GOT ADMITTED TO CENTRAL!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for this new adventure. Over the summer, I will definitely be shopping for residence hall essentials, school supplies and ordering my books. I can’t wait to meet new people on campus and start living in Pella! I’ve visited a few bakeries and coffee shops there, and I can’t wait to be closer to them. It’s going to be hard to stay away from the infamous Dutch letters because they are oh-so-tasty!! I can’t wait to continue my educational journey at Central.

September 30, 2021

 There aren’t enough words to describe how exciting this month has been! I moved into my residence hall, started my first week of classes and went to Welcome Week events on campus toward the end of August. It’s nice to be settled into school and have a routine now.

At the beginning of the semester, I was nervous about making friends. Since most students my age have been going to Central for a while, I was afraid everyone already made solid groups of friends and I wouldn’t be able to find a community of my own. Those fears were quickly washed away, as I found there were many students on campus who were excited to welcome a new face.

With so many activities planned for students during the first week of school, I was able to meet amazing people. I had a blast playing sand volleyball, making tie-dye T-shirts and enjoying some delicious ice cream with other students around Central’s iconic pond. With all the fun events and activities, I felt right at home making new friends during the very first week of college.

Hailey Swan ’23 and friends at the Lemming Race

Central has already blessed me with many opportunities to grow in more ways than just education. I have met professors who challenge and encourage me. I have taken classes that have opened my mind to all the possibilities my future can hold. And I have made friendships that will last a lifetime.

It was reassuring to be welcomed into a great community at Central, but I was still nervous about what classes would look like and how the coursework would be. Coming from a community college, I knew things would be different at Central and maybe even more difficult. I wondered to myself, “Will I be able to make it? What if I’m not ready for this?” But, yet again, the professors at Central calmed my fears.

I took an Intro to College Success class for transfer students with Keith Jones, professor of psychology, where he taught other students like me the importance of the growth that happens within each student. My other professors also encouraged me and my classmates to keep growing in our academic careers.

I have found that the professors here at Central have a strong passion for education and it’s very encouraging to have professors whose passions can revive that in their students. The professors here at Central do just that. They help students individually regardless of where they are in their educational journeys.

I quickly learned that at Central, it’s not just about being the most successful student in a class: each student is on their own academic path, and professors strive to help students make their dreams and aspirations become a reality.

March 28, 2022

I am now in my second semester at Central, and I still cannot imagine myself anywhere else. I will forever be grateful for choosing to continue my education at Central.

Every new adventure I embark on as a student is both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. What I have found at Central, though, is that it’s important to seize the new opportunities that come along. And, trust me, there are plenty of opportunities to go around at Central!

So, the biggest questions I have for others are: Why not give Central a try? Why not schedule a visit? Why not sign up for a new experience?

Being a Central student has shown me how adventures and opportunities are all around. We just have to be courageous enough to take that next step for our futures!


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Hailey Swan ’23

Hello! My name is Hailey Swan ’23 from Bloomfield, Iowa. I am majoring in communication studies at Central College. I am involved in Student Senate, Campus Ministries Worship Team and Dutch Dancing. I was a Central College Spirit Shoppe student worker prior to joining the college’s Communications Office as a junior content specialist — editorial. I enjoy playing tennis and going on runs around campus. My favorite place at Central is the Global Café at Geisler Library. Visit Central and try the best coffee on campus! Go Dutch!