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Central College Receives $50,000 Gift from Noel Cover Foundation

Featured: Central College Receives $50,000 Gift from Noel Cover Foundation

December 17, 2020

Central College once again has received a $50,000 gift from the Noel Cover Foundation of Cozad, Nebraska.

Central is one of four colleges to receive regular gifts from the foundation and the only Iowa institution represented. Since the foundation was established in 1972, Central has awarded $1.286 million from the Noel Cover Foundation, leading to 287 scholarships for 127 students.

The foundation provides scholarships to needy, deserving and promising young men from Iowa, Colorado, Wyoming or Nebraska who attend one of the following four colleges: Central College (Iowa), University of Denver (Colorado), St. Olaf College (Minnesota) and Hastings College (Nebraska). Recipients must study in fields related to science, scientific research, mechanical engineering and craftsmanship, medicine, medical research or social science.

“We remain grateful to the Noel Cover Foundation for its longtime support of Central College and our students,” says Sunny Gonzales Eighmy, Central’s vice president for advancement and a 1999 alumna. “A significant number of Central students have benefited from the foundation’s gifts during the past four decades. Its support has opened so many doors for our students.”

Noel Cover was a farmer and rancher in the Cozad area. He and his wife, Nellie, believed in education, even though they had no children. The foundation was established after Noel’s death to benefit students. Earnings from the foundation are derived from the annual revenue generated by approximately 1,000 acres of irrigated farmland near Cozad.