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Top Four Roommate Rules

Featured: Top Four Roommate Rules

October 9, 2019

By Brandon Rosas ’20

Dorm life is one of the “hallmarks” of college (pun intended). Rooming with your peers can be both rigorous and rewarding, just like the rest of your Central education. To help you enjoy it fully, returning students share their shortcuts to res hall harmony.

Embrace the Idea


“Living with a roommate is a super-cool part of the college experience,” says Daniel Sunvold ’20. “It’s a challenge, at times, but you learn more about that person than you expect—and sometimes you find your best friends in your roommates.”



“Communication makes everything easier,” says Yana Rouse ’21. How do you start the conversation? “Tell each other what classes you’re in, so you have something to talk about,” says Karsten Singh ’20. Alyssa Henderson ’20 encourages students to “discuss pet peeves and personal boundaries, then create ground rules that ensure a cohesive living environment.” “Also, ask before you use anything that belongs to your roommate,” says Maithtyo Phengmany ’20.

Widen Your Social Circle


“Make sure you have friendships and friend groups outside of your roommates,” says Abby Malecha ’22. “It can become overwhelming if you are always together inside and outside of the dorm.”

Stick Up for Yourself


“When something bothers you, speak up about it,” says Marissa Hudson ’20. “If nothing gets said, there can be a lot of tension.” Henderson agrees. “Let your roommate know when things have changed or when something is bothering you, so that the issue can be resolved before it becomes a meltdown,” she says.


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