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Top Four Homework Hangouts

Featured: Top Four Homework Hangouts

September 30, 2019

By Brandon Rosas ’20

Central’s campus isn’t just one of Iowa’s best places to play hide-and-seek. It’s also honeycombed with superb study spots. Looking for a great place to curl up with your econ book? Need a little extra motivation to finish your stats homework? Pull up a piece of real estate in one of these prime locations.

Geisler Library


World traveler Michelle Rus ’20 knows where to find a sweet deal on a place with all the amenities. “The library is a place where you can be focused with minimal distraction,” she says. “It has lots of study rooms and whiteboards.”

Fred’s Patio


Even with her nose in a book, Katie Larson ’22 can have the wind in her hair. “My favorite place to study is Fred’s Patio when it’s nice outside because you get to enjoy the weather while studying!” she says.

Students studying on the Maytag patio

The Birdcage


“The Birdcage in the Roe Center normally has some people walking by, which makes me more accountable because I feel like I need to work,” says Sarah Van Weelden ’20. “Also, when I need a break, I can walk around and look for the hidden frogs.”

Students studying on the "Birdcage" of Roe Center

Maytag Lobby


Yana Rouse ’21 gets comfortable in the cushy chairs of the Maytag Student Center. “It’s very open and homey, and at the same time it’s got noise and that extra distraction of a friend passing by to give you some motivation,” she says.

Students studying in Maytag Student Center


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