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Love at First Scent

Featured: Love at First Scent

September 19, 2019

Human attraction is strongly linked to smell, according to scientists. If that’s so, then Central’s campus has a major aromatic advantage. Fill your nostrils with these scents and start your happily ever after.

Fresh Cookies

“My favorite smell on campus has to be walking into Central Market on Tuesday at 11 a.m.,” says Daniel Sunvold ’20. “Fresh cookies just like grandma used to make, baked to perfection, filling the air with that mouthwatering aroma that you know you shouldn’t have but apparently need. Simply exquisite.”

Peace Mall Bushes

The plant life on Peace Mall has captured the heart of Katie Huhe ’20. “My favorite smell on campus is that of the bushes on Peace Mall. Lavender? Lilac? I don’t know. It’s flowery, and I love it.”

Scene from the pond and Peace Mall

Clean Laundry

For Emmalee Zian ’20, it’s the simple things that do it. “My favorite smell around campus is the smell of clean laundry that comes out of Gaass Hall,” she says.

Barbecues at Fred’s

The familiar fragrance of a Central tradition gives Katie Larson ’22 all the feels. “I love the smell from the barbecues we have on Fred’s patio because it reminds me of home!” she says.


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