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Central Strength and Conditioning Program Receives NSCA Recognition

Featured: Central Strength and Conditioning Program Receives NSCA Recognition

May 21, 2018

The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) announced in May that Central College and its exercise science program are now recognized as an approved NSCA education program.

“The program at Central College has met the criteria and been approved as an NSCA-recognized undergraduate strength and conditioning program,” announced Linda Aaberg of the NSCA.

“Central College has a storied history of setting up students for success in practicing professionally as strength and conditioning athletic performance leaders at all levels—high school, college and professional—nationwide,” said Cody Huisman, assistant professor of exercise science at Central.

“Historically, 95 percent of our graduates are employed or in graduate school within a year of graduation,” he said. “And more than 30 percent attend graduate school immediately following graduation. NSCA certification recognizes and distinguishes Central’s program as providing an approved strength and conditioning curricula designed to prepare students for a career in strength and conditional/athletic performance and the NSCA’s certified strength and conditioning specialist certification exam.”

Many Central exercise science graduates already earn the CSCS designation. NSCA certification of the college itself is a third-party acknowledgment of the rigor and quality of Central’s program.

NSCA is a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to advancing the strength and conditioning profession by disseminating research-based knowledge and its practical application through certifications, research journals, career development services and continuing education opportunities. Its 45,000 members include researchers, educators, strength coaches, personal trainers and other roles in related fields.