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How to Gear Up for A Midwestern Winter (Especially if You’ve Never Seen Snow Before)

Featured: How to Gear Up for A Midwestern Winter (Especially if You’ve Never Seen Snow Before)

December 8, 2017

By Marin Harrington ‘21


Blizzards don’t need to bury your bank account.

That old wind-breaker that sufficed for every Arizonian winter? That won’t cut it here. Grab some of your Midwestern native friends and a take day-long shopping trip, raiding thrift stores within a 30-mile radius for coats, hats and scarves galore. Some nearby locations include: Deja Vu Consignments, Extras and The Well Thrift Store.

We all fall together.

Break out the ice skates and take them for a spin on the frozen pond. The first one to lose his or her balance buys everyone else coffee.

Treat yourself.

Don’t forget to stop by the Geisler Cafe before 3 p.m. to spend some of your Dutch Guilders on a piping hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate to get yourself through the drab, afternoon cold.

New to snow? No problem.

For out-of-state students who have yet to experience their first snowfall, this is a historical event. When the first snow hits, grab your friends, head outside and let your inner child loose. (And even if this is your 19th consecutive Midwestern winter, you’re never too old for a snowball fight.)

Pella does Christmas like no other.

From the Historical Village Christmas Walk to performances of “It’s A Wonderful Life” at the community center, Pella shines with holiday spirit. For a complete list of fun holiday events, visit http://members.pella.org/events.

Nothing says “style” like an ugly Christmas sweater.

Didn’t you hear? Ugly Christmas sweaters aren’t just for embarrassing dads anymore. Break yours out with pride, and be sure someone gets a photo. (Your potential future kids will have a field day if they find it.)

Memories can last a lifetime.

Being away from family around the holidays is hard, but new traditions can make college feel like a home-away-from-home. Whether it’s festively decorating the dorm or taking a study break to watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas” with your closest pals, start traditions that make your winter times at Central truly unforgettable.