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Radio reporter and writer Bob Leonard to speak at Central College

Featured: Radio reporter and writer Bob Leonard to speak at Central College

November 21, 2017

Central College hosts Bob Leonard, Ph.D., special news editor at KNIA KRLS Radio in Pella/Knoxville, in Maytag Student Center’s Van Emmerik Studio Tuesday, Nov. 28, at 7 p.m. His presentation, “Experiences in the Media in America’s Political Divide,” focuses on today’s complex media landscape and understanding the divisions between urban and rural areas of the country. The event is free and open to the public.

With two opinion pieces in The New York Times, among other writings in The Hill and The Kansas City Star, local radio reporter Leonard has emerged as one voice “explaining” rural America to the rest of the world. CNN’s Brian Stelter calls Leonard a “Trumpland translator.”

Leonard shares his experiences negotiating this complex media landscape, as well as his observations on the role of the press today in this era of “fake news.” He’ll also share his observations on the important role institutions like Central College play in the production of “public intellectuals” who are needed now, probably more than ever.

Leonard’s presentation is the fourth and final session in Central’s Democracy Rocks! Series. The event is sponsored by Central College Student Development–Leadership.