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Featured: Central announces tuition for next year

November 7, 2017

Central College is committed to providing an affordable education to students, seeking to limit costs in every way possible, while still offering an outstanding college experience that prepares students for success after graduation. All of higher education faces escalating costs and reductions in funding. In light of this, Central is pleased to maintain a small increase in tuition for 2018-19.

Tuition for 2018-19 will be $37,295. For the fifth straight year room price remains $4,892. Board price will see a modest increase due to higher costs. Board will be $5,388, based on a 19-meal per week plan (other options are available). Total price for tuition, room and board next year will be just 3.6 percent higher. The increase is needed to cover higher costs of operations.

To help meet that expense, Central will continue to provide financial aid to more than 99 percent of students. In 2016-17, over $2.4 million was raised for the Journey Scholarship Fund and unrestricted annual giving programs. The average amount of financial aid provided to first-year students in fall 2016 was $32,203. The generosity of donors is crucial in growing this fund further for future students.

With the support of the board of trustees, the college continues to thoughtfully and carefully manage expenses. Central is committed to reducing costs through all possible efficiencies.

Central students minimize their costs by overwhelmingly earning their degrees in four years. By graduating in four years or fewer, students incur less expenses and begin earning a salary sooner. The value of a Central degree is reflected in the high placement rates of graduates in careers and graduate schools. Nearly 100 percent are employed in a field of their choice, enrolled in graduate/professional school or completing a year of service within a year of graduation. Over 90 percent are admitted into their first- or second-choice graduate school.

Alumni and donors continue to support the college in impressive ways. Donor support has enabled many strategic initiatives to move forward.

  • P.H. Kuyper Gymnasium recently underwent a $12 million expansion, entirely funded by donors. The expansion and renovation are part of the Forever Dutch initiative, an ongoing series of improvements to the A.N. Kuyper Athletics Complex. Used by more than 94 percent of students on a weekly basis, the facility was constructed in 1969 for an eight-sport men’s program with about 200 athletes. It now must serve a 19-sport men’s and women’s athletics program with more than 700 athletes. The renovation initiative continues to move forward.
  • The college received $2.2 million in lead gifts to begin a renovation of its historic Douwstra Auditorium in December, transforming the local landmark into a regional performing arts center. Support includes a $1.2 million lead gift from the Jim and Bea Hoekstra Estate.
  • This year 665 students received a Journey Scholarship, funded by donors.
  • The class of 1967 contributed $65,245 for its 50-year reunion gift, which supports the Journey Scholarship Fund.
  • Many additional gifts of support for Central students have been given this year in the form of endowed scholarships, student research stipends and additional student grants.

Thanks to the support of donors, faculty, staff, parents and alumni, Central students have access to an education that prepares them to make a difference. Graduates are leaders in business, medicine, education, the arts, technology and more.