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10 Things You’ll Know After Your First Semester at Central

Featured: 10 Things You’ll Know After Your First Semester at Central

October 12, 2017
By Brooke Jansen ’18


There’s a lot to learn your first semester of college. Here’s a list of things you’ll pick up quickly:

  1. It’s not that deep. There are only two acceptable times to go into the pond: the Lemming Race and your birthday. Otherwise, you know it’s best to avoid the water.
  2. The line is totally worth it. This is the one day you go straight for the dessert table. No words describe the wonderful taste of a freshly baked cookie on Tuesdays.
  3. Yeah, it’s cool again. Remember that Razor scooter you had when you were eight? It’s officially acceptable to ride it again.
  4. They’re not pests. You’re never quite sure what they’re doing, but those squirrels make every walk around campus a little more entertaining. Just don’t look them in the eye.
  5. Where they go, we go. Nothing says Dutch pride like the candy-cane pants of the Dutch Brigade. You know you’re at a sporting event when you see them, with President Putnam right in the middle.
  6. We’re all pulling a late night. You know the real Breakfast of Champions occurs at 10 p.m. the night before finals and is served by your favorite professors.
  7. We can do it. You know right away that classes will not be easy, but your new friends will help you get through. With our tight-knit community, you’ll share classes with friendly, familiar faces.
  8. It’s the little things. After your first service-learning experience, 15 hours suddenly doesn’t feel like enough. You connect with amazing partners in Iowa, and you can put your passion to work for a good cause.
  9. It’s on the syllabus. Your professors will impress you with their expertise, but they are personable, too—you may even find yourself going to office hours just to chat.
  10. This is home. After spending a weekend away, you find yourself thinking, “I’m ready to go home” and can’t wait to see your Central family again.