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A Cappella Singers Excel on European Tour

Featured: A Cappella Singers Excel on European Tour

June 20, 2017

A Cappella Choir singers gave their best-ever concerts in Vienna last month, said senior Wyatt Rath. The choir, with more than 60 student vocalists, toured Austria and Germany May 16-27.

“We were excited and focused, and we stepped it up a notch to begin our tour,” Rath said. “Our first formal event was maybe the highest-quality concert I’ve ever been a part of at Central College.”

At each concert, spectacular locations also enhanced the music, said senior Tristan Miedema. “Some of our pieces were performed there centuries ago, and we got to taste that rich history,” Miedema said. “I was in awe.”

The choir performed at illustrious locations including Vienna’s iconic cathedral, Stephansdom, as well as singing with one of the world’s best-known choirs, the Vienna Boys’ Choir. While in Vienna, the choir also performed during the 50th anniversary celebration of Central’s study abroad program in Austria (below).

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“I am thankful to attend a school that supports the arts in unique ways,” said Miedema. “Our tour was affordable, inspiring and life-changing.”

The A Cappella Choir performs internationally every four years. Music tours aren’t limited to students, either. Last summer, a group of Central alumni toured Italy with Babcock and Tony Braida ’89, performing in landmark settings such as Rome’s Sant’Andrea della Valle and Orvieto’s famous Duomo.

“I would do tour again tomorrow, and I hope to travel again as an alum,” said Miedema. “Central is not a four-year experience but a forever commitment to progress and success.”

Central's A Cappella Choir recently toured Austria and Germany, with more than 60 student vocalists performing at illustrious locations.

The A Cappella Choir performs in Vienna’s Peterskirche during their international tour.