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Featured: Drawing Together

February 14, 2012

Video produced by Jonathan Quinn


The Central College Art Club sponsored a 24-hour drawing marathon for students, faculty and staff. The marathon began Friday, Feb. 10 at midnight and continued through Saturday, Feb. 11 in Lubbers Center for the Visual Arts.

“The purpose is to create a community of inquiry and extend the classroom into other realms,” said Matthew Kelly, assistant professor of art. “We are interested in figuring out different ways of working within art.”

The drawing itself took place on a mural-sized piece of paper, measuring 4 feet by 30 feet. Participants of all artistic backgrounds and abilities were encouraged to stop by anytime during the 24 hours to contribute to the mural.

People from all over the country, including Washington, New Hampshire, New York and Georgia,  watched the online video stream of the event as the mural progressed throughout the day. “Knowing that people were interested in the development of the project is what helped us stay motivated,” said Kelly.

The event is a first for Central, but it represents a larger trend in the art world, as other colleges and universities around the country experiment with art marathons. Kelly hopes to turn the drawing marathon into an annual event, next year coordinating the date with other schools.

“This is like going to any concert or sporting event,” said Kelly. “It builds that kind of strong community.”


Detailed sections of the mural: