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Central to Host Three Kids’ Camps This Summer

Featured: Central to Host Three Kids’ Camps This Summer

April 5, 2017

Central College hosts three camps for students ages 8-12 this summer. The day camps are focused on sustainability and run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Campers will learn from expert faculty and staff who lead the college’s forward-thinking initiatives. Transportation to and from each camp is available for Des Moines students at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Students learn to make their own pizza crust and more during Central's 2016 "Fun with Food" camp.

Students learn to make their own pizza crust during Central’s “Fun with Food” camp.

Director of sustainability education Brian Campbell says Central’s plans are inspired by last year’s successful “Fun with Food” camp, where kids enjoyed learning about cooking, gardening and nutrition — not to mention their Top Chef competition finale. “The kids had a great time, and it’s a great thing for our faculty and students too,” says Campbell, “to take what they’re doing with sustainability and share it with kids.”

“Let’s Talk Trash,” June 12-15

This day camp focuses on reducing, reusing and recycling. Students will participate in field trips to a local landfill, recycling center and a commercial compost facility — plus daily crafts and activities to creatively re-purpose trash. The camp ends with an art exhibit, musical performance and auction of items made from used materials.

“Let’s Talk Trash” is led by Leslie Duinink, associate professor of exercise science, and student Alexis Brown of Ankeny. The cost is $140.

“Positive Energy,” July 17-21

This camp focuses on energy conservation and renewable energy. Campers will visit a wind turbine and solar array, tour a hydroelectric dam, learn about biofuels and electric cars, and participate in hands-on activities. Teams will compete to construct their own energy-efficient model homes.

 “Positive Energy” is led by Liz Golovatsk, assistant professor of physics, and student Cal Smith of Orland Park, Ill. The cost is $180.

“Fun with Food,” August 7-11

Campers explore the Central College garden during the 2016 day camp.

Campers explore the Central College garden during “Fun with Food” camp in 2016.

This camp inspires food awareness with field trips to area farms and hands-on activities, including gardening, cooking and healthy eating. The week culminates with a team cooking competition, pairing campers with professional staff from Central College Dining.

“Fun with Food” is led by Sara Shuger Fox, assistant professor of exercise science, and student Holly McKinney of Saint Charles, Iowa. The cost is $180.

All costs include a T-shirt, meals and all activities. For more information and to register, visit http://www.central.edu/camps/ or call 641-628-7642.