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Featured: Flipping the Logic

January 10, 2014

classroomIf logic is telling you that a Central College education isn’t affordable, then it’s time to turn that logic upside down!

Here’s the truth: A Central education is affordable. More than 99 percent of Central students receive financial aid to help with their education.

Central’s commitment to affordability guarantees you can have a private, liberal arts education at a prominent college where your success is the priority. Students admitted to Central with a cumulative GPA of 3.00/4.0 scale or better and total family income less than $100,000/year can be assured that the cost at Central for the upcoming year will not exceed the published cost of your flagship state university, after federal, state and Central financial aid is awarded.

“Many families misunderstand just how affordable a private, liberal arts education can be,” says Carol Williamson, dean of admission. “Families are often surprised by how similar the costs are between Central College and one of the state universities. They miss out on the opportunity of a very personalized, experience-packed, resume-building education because they don’t realize how much financial aid is available at Central.”

Hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of scholarships are available—those scholarships are provided to Central students due to the generosity of successful Central alums. They believe in their Central experience so much that they are generous donors for the next generation of Dutch alumni.

Find out for yourself! See how affordable your Central education can be.