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Founder of RAYGUN T-shirts hosts convocation

September 18, 2013

Mike Draper, founder of RAYGUN, will be the featured speaker at a convocation at Central College Oct. 3.

RAYGUN, a Des Moines- and Iowa City-based clothing store specializing in T-shirts that promote the Midwest, was founded in 2005. The company endorses American-made products as well as living in the Midwest. In 2012 the company published “The Midwest: God’s Gift to Planet Earth! An Illustrated Guide to the History and Culture of the Galaxy’s Most Important Region.”

Hosted by the Intersections program, Draper will speak about growing his company as well as identity and marketing to different demographics.

“Draper will talk about how he found his identity,” Mitch Lutch, director of Intersections, said, “as well as how he learned to market to people who are similar and different from him, which parallels with a unit in the Intersections classes.”

Intersections is a required first-year class that asks students study human nature through various perspectives.

The event is at 11 a.m. in Central College’s Douwstra Auditorium. The convocation is free and open to the public.