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Enterprise Foundation grants $2,000 to Central interns

July 16, 2013

Valerie Van Kooten (left) and Pat Joachim Kitzman (center) accept the $2,000 grant from Enterprise Holdings Foundation representative Jessica Short (right).

Central College was awarded a $2,000 grant from the Enterprise Holdings Foundation.

The grant will support four students who are completing unpaid internships for nonprofit or social service organizations. The modest stipend of $500 per student will assist them primarily with transportation costs to the internship locations.

Students must submit an application to be considered for the stipend, explain how their internship relates to their career goals.

In the past two years, 74 percent of student internships have been with nonprofit organizations. The stipend won’t cover all of the student intern’s costs, but it will make a difference in whether a student can take a particular internship.

“We are so grateful to the Enterprise Holdings Foundation for making this money available to students who are receiving such valuable experience, related to their careers, this summer,” said Pat Joachim Kitzman, director of the Career Center.