Central College News

Central continues campus entry redevelopment with Graham Center

December 19, 2012

In the next phase of a strategy intended to create a more welcoming environment for campus guests and visitors, Central College is giving an interior makeover to the Graham Conference Center.

Interior renovation work is underway in the meeting rooms and lobby with painting, decorating and flooring intended to produce a warmer, richer atmosphere. A new skylight and rain-glass door will allow more natural light in meeting room 2, along with a 46” display screen with source selections to include CATV. Luxury vinyl tile will replace the flooring in the banquet hall, and new carpeting will be installed in room 1. A new earth tone paint scheme will enhance the interior look throughout. Earlier, a new sound and projection system was installed, along with a touch-screen user interface.

Work is expected to be completed January 21, shortly after the start of spring semester classes.

The interior project follows the 2011 creation of a new entryway plaza for the Graham Center and Central Hall on University Street and other exterior work. Curved, masonry entry signs were installed on the four corners of the campus, and University Street parking was redeveloped and expanded.  The building in the entryway plaza that previously housed the college’s facilities planning and management offices was transformed into the Graham Annex, and includes additional meeting space as well as an executive board room.

“This is the next step in creating inviting spaces for events and to welcome outside groups,” said President Mark Putnam. “The number of visitors using our facilities has surged dramatically in recent years and continues to grow. As guests enter the campus and are exposed to these facilities for events and meetings, they begin to form opinions and views about who we are and what we stand for. These enhancements will allow the quality of our event and meeting spaces to match the rich heritage of the institution and the beauty of the campus.

“We are grateful for the tremendous support we have received from some gracious donors who are making this work possible and look forward to publicly recognizing their generosity.”