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Featured: Celebrating Brazilian Jazz

March 23, 2012

Gabriel Espinosa, associate professor of music, releases his third album within four years this April. Titled “Celebrando,” the CD is a collaboration with harmonica virtuoso Hendrik Meurkens. Released by ZOHO Music of New York, “Celebrando” focuses on Brazilian jazz.

“It celebrates the general influence of Brazilian ideas on musicians and audiences,” Jack Goodstein of BlogCritics.org says of the album. “It celebrates the influence of Brazilian jazz on this current ensemble of artists who have devoted themselves to the exploration and development of its dynamic possibilities.”

A release party for “Celebrando” will be held at the Pella Opera House on March 30. The band for the evening included musicians Misha Tsiganov, Alison Wedding, Dave Kobberdhal and Tim Crumley.

Espinosa directs the vocal and instrumental combos at Central. Read more about his history in Pella and Merida, Yucatan.

To listen to some of the pieces, or to download or buy the CD, visit gabrielespinosamusic.com.